In Edremit Bay, it is located between Assos, Truva and Bergama. “The Ancient Adramytteion Port City, Spas and Rock Altars Land.

Burhaniye known is the city of justice,peace, health and meeting lovely place in ancient ages where located at Edremit Bay. Also, it is called “Olive Riviera

Burhaniye has strategical position between Izmir, Canakkale and Balikesir. That is why, it makes that easy to come Burhaniye and it is raising the touristy potential. When we look into Burhaniye map, we can see that Aegean Sea at West, Gomec and Ayvalık at South, at SouthEast neighboor with Bergama. Also, Burhaniye plain is extremely fertile city for agriculture and it is located between Ida Mount and Madra Mount.

The average height of the sea is 10 Meters and the city has 17 Km coastal at Aegean Sea. This coastal has many thin and clean sandy natural beaches along the coast. Burhaniye Beaches and especially, Oren Beach is famous with their clean water and thin sand at worldwide. Lastly, all the Burhaniye Beaches have been awarded with  “ Blue Flag “    

Burhaniye-Oren and Altinoluk are second highest concentration of the oxygen in the air, immediately after the Alps. That is why, it is called  “Oxygen Tent”

Lastly, Burhaniye known as “Light Coast” because of its coasts shining brightly. One of the rumor says that Goddess Hera lived in Burhaniye too.



According to the research, the earliest settlement starts with Anahor or Pidasus city which is earlier than Lydia King Krezus at Iskele. B.C. 1443, this zone was constructed by “Mysians”  and at Ancient Age, it is called “Adramytteion” and  in Latin, it is called with “Adramyttium”

 The name of “Adramytteion” comes from the Lydia King Krezus’s brother “Adramys”. Adramys was rebuilt the city after long wars and gave his name.

History books says that the most important place was  Adramytteion at Edremit Bay and historian says that the only one constitution court was located at Adramytteion despite of the famous cities around Adramytteion which are Troya, Pergamon and Taip. Also, Adramytteion was knows as the centre of the law.

The Rome Empire invasion of Adramytteion was the city very rich with its culture. Later, the city was captured by The Byzantine Empire and those years, the city had lost the strategical importance day by day because of the long wars.

Adramytteion was taken Byzantine Empire by Seljuk Empire.  And the Imperial Kılıç Aslan sent this city his one of the best commander who called Taylı Baba. Taylı Baba took the control of city completely and located the city centre at Taylıeli Köyü. But Taylieli Köyü geographical location was very mountainous and it was not available locate new constructs so Taylı Baba has changed the city center at Memiş Mahallesi.

After Seljuk Empire, Karesioğulları took the city and then, Ottoman Empire has taken the control city at 1323. At 1484, the city name was changed as Kemer. This name come from one of the “aqueduct” where located at Kızıklı Köyü (one of the location at Adramytteion). Aqueduct calls as “Kemer” in Turkish. Till the 1866, Kemer was a township of Edremit. At 1867, Kemer has been independent district. At 19. Century, Sultan Abdülhamit wanted to changed Kemer’s name with his son name (Burhanettin). Finally, the city has been as calling Burhaniye after Sultan Abdülhamit.

At National Struggle times, Burhaniye had occupied with the all Aegean Zone and the city rescued at 08.09.1922.







General Characteristics

Especially located at Mt. Madra and these rock altars completely different from temples of ancient ages. Even if basic ancient temples include religious constructs, rock altars do not have religious constructs.

You will visit the rock altars in here.



Climate and Weather

Burhaniye has many kind of tourism alternative. One of them is that; health tourism. Burhaniye is excellent option with its healthy mineral waters, oliveoil and second highest concentration of the oxygen in the air with %22, immediately after the Alps.

Also, you will have the ideal climate weather in Burhaniye. Even if the hot summer, Burhaniye humidy is  %50 at most.

Thermal Tourism

The best potential touristic sector is that thermal tourism for both Burhaniye and Edremit Bay.

Dutluca Köyü: Distance between Burhaniye and Dutluca is that 12 Km. This water temperature is around 15-16 C. Dutluca natural spring water has specialty for urethra and kidney cures.

Karadere-Asarkaya Waters: Far away 28 Km from Burhaniye and 14 Km from Karadere. Asarkaya natural spring water heals skin diseases.

Bostancı Spas: It is located between Burhaniye and Edremit. The distance between from Burhaniye to Bostanci is 10 Km. Bostancı spa area has many modern facilities and the average water temperature is 51 C. Bostancı spas heal rheumatic, sciatica, stiff neck, gynaecological diseases.

Also, easy to come Bostancı spas. It is in main highway.

Burhaniye Kuva-yı Milliye Culture Center

At early 1930, the construction was used as a public house and then was used by army. Recent years, the construction was renovated by local government and it has been stil using as Culture Center.

You can find the city history, historical buildings which is belong to old cities. Also, you can find 1st world war equipments in there. In summary, you can find the all the Burhaniye history at that Culture Center.

Meanwhile, entrance is free for all citizens.

Bizimköy Vocal And Active Ethnograpy Galery

When you visit this galery, you can find and see active and vocal mannequins which are showing our Anatolian culture. Also, this galery shows us, our historical culture too. We can find answer about “How our ancients was living?” Also, this place is the first active and vocal galery in Turkey.


Oliveoil Is Nature Miracle

Oliveoil is a miracle. For a healthy life, everybody should consume oliveoil into their meals. Oliveoil helps to digestion, protect from ulcer, it helps to decrease cholesterol so oliveoil dismissed the risk of hearth attack. Also, It heals Intestine, Urıinary track and Gallbladder.

Oliveoil has A,D,E,K vitamins, These vitamins are renew our cells and organs get old more slower.

Professors said that at one of the scientific conferance at 1993 in Harward University, oliveoil should consume in every meal.

Some Suggestion On How To Use Oliveoil

  • You can mix oliveoil and rosemary for myalgia and you can massage.
  • You can shake your mouth with oliveoil to have stronger gingiva.
  • To have a glistening hairs, you can mix oliveoil, lemon juice and egg yolk and then, wash your hairs with this cure.
  • Oliveoil and cologne destroy dandruff into hairs.
  • When you drink 1-2 teaspoon oliveoil, it will help to decrease alcohol effects.



Burhaniye has “Ören Beach With Golden Sand” which the distance is 1.5 Km. It is one of the most remarkable beaches in Turkey. Also, this location is one of the rare natural beach in Turkey. Ören Beach has “blue flag” with its cleanliness and naturalness.

Ören Beach is available for national and international beach volley tournaments.

Ören natural vegetation is under protected by laws. Ören has many kind of tree various which are; Cedar (Cedrus Liboni), Pine (Pinus Pinea), Turkish oak (Quercus Sg).

Burhaniye has optimal conditions for “Sail” and “Windsurf”. Also, there is a Sail Club in here. You can take lessons to learn how to play sail and windsurf.

Burhaniye has a marina and the yatch capacity is 250. You can park your yatch at “İskele Yat Limanı” and do whatever you want in here.

Camel Wrestling” are arranged every Decembers. You can visit and enjoy this fantastic and traditional activity.

Burhaniye natural vegetation is avaliable for wildlife so “Hunting Tourism” and “Camping” are very spectacular.

Burhaniye Municipality celebrates festival every years. It is called as “Culture, Tourism and Oliveoil Carnaval


Turkish Pine and Lemur trees are very common around Burhaniye. You can find chance to relax at Mt. Madra summer camping grounds and you can taste natural fruits and vegetables.

There are 3 different trekking route with plenty of oxygen, protected natural vegetation and streams. These are as below:

  • Bahadınlı-Karadere (7 Km)
  • Şarköy-Hisarköy-Şahinler-Taylıeli (16 Km)
  • Bahadınlı-Yaylacık-Avunduk-Kırtık (15 Km)


Burhaniye, stated in the middle of İzmir- Balıkesir- Çanakkale triangle, is an enormously lucky town.

There are buses to both İzmir and Balıkesir at all hours during the day, also between Burhaniye and İstanbul, Çanakkale, Bursa and Ankara there are many mutual bus services till 12 pm every day.

Turkish Airlines makes flights between Burhaniye (Gulf) and İstanbul- Ankara and also mutual connected flights to all around Turkey. Foreign flights are made between Germany-Düsseldorf and Köln Bonn between April and November at Koca Seyit Airport.

Moreover, depending on tourism density of the season, some private airline companies also arrange scheduled flights between Burhaniye and İstanbul during summer months.

There is also a railway facility from Turkish Republic State Railways camp site in Akçay to Balıkesir.

There is also a transportation network by buses at all hours during the day from Burhaniye which is stated in the middle of Gulf Region, to the tourist destinations such as Ayvalık, Edremit, Akçay,Altınoluk.

Mutual motor boat services are arranged between Ören and Akçay during summer months.

  • Selçuk ( Efes )                                  245 km
  • Edremit                                             13 km
  • Akçay ( Edremit üzerinden )          23 km
  • Akçay ( Sahilden )                            14 km
  • Altınoluk                                           41 km
  • Ayvalık                                              34 km
  • Assos ( Behramkale )                     105 km
  • Truva                                                123 km
  • Çanakkale                                        142 km
  • Balıkesir                                         93 km
  • İstanbul                                        486 km
  • İzmir                                             175 km



You can join boat trips for one day in Burhaniye. Swimming in these fascinating bays and blueness, enjoy yourselves with a variety of fish and bread treats and surface water sports.



Burhaniye is one of the towns that has a rich food culture and a variety of dishes, insulated by gastronomy world, and shines out thanks to its delicious dishes and sea foods with olive oil. Ören, Öğretmenler and İskele neighborhoods are full of domestic and foreign tourists at weekends and during summer months, by the coastline there are many divine restaurants serving with gourmets.